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All links bellow are possible to download.
Simply "CTRL" + "mouse click" on the link and "save target as" if you want to download the films to your computer. or just "click" to see them in your browser.

The latest syndicate showreel. in three different formats.

RWE, Talking CG pet films for a german electricity provider.

Autodesk is a "liquid" project where CG water was mixed with shoot elements.

Bouges, A french telecom film featuring syndicates propietary "particle flow system" a program that allow animators to control 3D particles in completly new ways.

Sprite, A soda commercial with a giant hamster.

The Alcohol commite, A 3D featus created with image based modeling.

A Russinan Telecom film featuring a wide range of effect work.

Aigo, a awarded folding car animation.

New Yorker, CG body parts for a fashion clothing company.