Milo Motion Control Rig

Syndicate technologies proudly offers Milo Motion Control, with 9 axes of portable, precise, rigid and completely repeatable camera motion. Milo can shoot anywhere with reasonable road access. It can shoot in a studio one day, then be packed up and taken to the middle of a field and shoot the exact same move the next day, the next month or even the next year. With a one hour turnaround the Milo motion control system offers Dolly and Crane style camera movement that can benefit most productions.

Projects completed with our Milo

IKEA x 5, McDonalds, Carlsberg, Volvo, Saab, Tiimari, Fun Light, Milda, Helly Hansen, Hoover, Telenor and more. Our Milo has been a key solution for several awards winning productions. During its first 3 years our Milo has been at work for more than 55 productions. Some listed bellow.

Milo programing

We have developed our own 3DS max plugin to allow total control over the Milo. The way we are able to direct the motors of the Milo trough 3DS Max is something unique, it gives us the possibility to not only animate the camera but every part of the rig so for example the base can be pushed around on the track while the camera is standing perfectly still. Among a lot of other benefits, this makes it possible to program the rig around obsticles and in small spaces.

The MaxMilo Plugin is an ongoing project that has the strive to make filmmakers life easier. We will implement audio handling and videoassist features in a near future.