Bring your own ....

Hot and Spicy!

Your room key, sir!

Now, more than ever ....

Canal Digital delivers from space!

Wish for lower prices!

Cool taste!

American roadtrip with Slinkies.

Football and chicken.

Chasing mammoth.

Slinky, Slinky ...

Have you ever wanted to be a app millionaire?

We present the fastest Ipren ever!

Congratulations, Happy Meal! 25 years!

Let´s go for a run!

For more great moments.

Tips from Apoteket.

Telecom Download.

Adam & Eve.

Electric towers.

Release Me.

Swedish farmacy.

3D Featus.

The plate chase.

Magnetic sport.

Talking Dackel.

Horse race.


3D Flowers.


Twin Clean.

3D fish.


A closer look.


No station.

A geography lesson.

Sleep well.

Auditions in a spaceship.

A great nicotine product.

Goes to paris.

Milo billboard.

Sparkling DOF.

Two one takes.

Enjoy Coca Cola.

STCC in 3D!

Rasberry & mint.

Line art drawing.

Flying breakfast.

A long onetake.

The flip of flipbooks.

Syndicate auditions for Idol.

The Swedish church prays and wins.

Lost in translation.

BNC-R 7D shoot.

Evil 3D Hamster.

& 7D BNC-R.

"Red Energy"

Special offer for all Syndicate clients.

Our second Valio film.

Music video: Daniel

The magic stone.

Shot on 5D Mk II

Conspiracy revealed!

A bird in two weeks.

For swedish conditions.

A digital rebel.

Just add water.

We kid you not!

It's a sign!

We have the sanitary expertise.

Canon 5D shows it's colors when all lights go out.

FWA - Awarded flash production.

Another Gold Cannes Lion.

New tv4 trailer.

Another pet project.

New flash site.

3D Goldfish.

Talking household pets.

Talking reptiles.

Under the carpet.

Awarded web production.

Get's Milo for Christmas.

Cordless Motion Capture.

Syndicate on set.

Gold lion winner.

A serious head change.

Another flash site for Trygg-Hansa.

4K digital capture.

RBG6, DDB and visual illusions.

Cutting edge intro.