We believe that a small group of talented people in the right surroundings can do wonders. So far we have been proven right. Syndicate have a rather small capita compared to the competition, but we can proudly say that we have accomplished more than most in the field of 3D and visual effects. Our 3D team works in close collaboration with our other departments. As we see it there is no way of creating photo realistic 3D without combining it with proprietary programming, top of the line compositing and especially in-camera-effects.

The Syndicate 3D team has it all. The Milo Motion Control with proprietary software, giving our 3D artists total control of the camera. We have a "MOVEN" motion capture suit that enables natural character animation. We are the only Scandinavian post house to provide the Next Engine 3DRGB laser scanner, providing endless modeling capabilities.

Having all the ingredients and a small team that masters every step of the process, we find no problem in beating the giants both on the level of quality and price point.

So far our effect work has been a major component for several award winning productions, all viewable in our showcase section.