In-house development

Syndicate's programming staff works with software development. This gives us an advantage edge compared to if we only would use of the shelf solutions. Sometimes the code is developed to handle a specific project, but a lot of times it improves the end result of the creative work we do on any given day. That is why we have put a huge effort to make a quick pipeline for HDR files, advanced 3D lighting tools, panoramic image processing functions, particle animation controllers and the Milo motion control plug-in and more.


Our unique set of plug-ins allows us to render most 3D effects at a fraction of the normal time, and our particle system extensions give control over particles in a way that other 3D packages can't match.

Our in-house developed motion control software, that we use to pre-visualize moves enables our 3D artists to control every aspect of the move during pre-visualization, but also live on the recording set. This is something that we will develop further together with Mark Roberts Motion Control and their development of the control program Flair.